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Horse Accesories
Hy Stable Bandages
Set of 4 Stable Bandages 3m x 10cm Available in a variety of colours
Price: £9.50
Hy Exercise Bandages
Set of 4 Exercise Bandages 2m x 10cm
Price: £8.99
Hy Soft Webbing Head Collar
Soft Webbing Head Collar Available in a variety of colours
Price: £7.99
Hy Webbing Lead Rope & Chain
Lead Rope with Chain
Price: £7.50
Elico Rubber Over Reach Boots
Rubber over reach boots with velcro fastening Black
Price: £5.99
Elico Trigger Clip Lead Rope
Lead Rope with Trigger CLip
Price: £2.99
Elico Rubber Bit Guards
Rubber Bit Guards Prevents the bit from rubbing/chaffing the horse's mouth.
Price: £2.99
Elico Peacock Rings & Leathers
Peacock Rings and Leathers Replacement leathers and rings for stirrup irons
Price: £2.99
Elico Cotton Stud Plugs
cotton stud plugs to prevent stud holes becoming blocked with mud/dirt.
Price: £2.50
Elico Pointed Studs & Spanner
Pointed studs and spanner.
Price: £5.99
Elico Rein & Martingale Stops
Rein & martingale stops to pevent interferance with the bit and movenment of the martingale.
Price: £2.99
Liveryman Large Jump Studs & Spanner
Jump studs & spanner
Price: £5.99
Liveryman Dome Top Studs & Spanner
Dome top studs & spanner
Price: £5.99
Hy Martingale Stop
Martingale stop to prevent martingale slipping. Available in black.
Price: £0.99
Hy Rein Stops
Rein stops to preveent martingale interfering with the bit. Avaiable in black.
Price: £0.99
Hy Field Muzzle.
Humane field muzzle, ideal for overweight or laminitic horses. Available in: Full size-black Ponysize-purple
Price: £12.00
Pressure Halter
Humane pressure halter. Ideal for use on young 7 strong horses in addition to horses which are difficult to load.
Price: £5.00
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